Bill Barber Memorial Park – Civic Center Plaza

A large park with several picnic shelters, a playground, baseball field and a tennis court. It’s a good spot for sports, family gatherings and a place to have a picnic with friends.

There’s also a police station here and the park is very safe. It’s also a popular place for Pokemon Go players because there are lots of stops and gyms. Read This.


Bill Barber Memorial Park Civic Center Plaza Irvine CA United States offers several parks to choose from including an amphitheater and stage, six tennis courts, playgrounds, soccer and softball fields, Deanna Manning Stadium, and cycling trails. The park also features picnic areas with barbecue grills, restrooms and more.

One of the biggest parks in Irvine, it’s perfect for families to enjoy a day at the beach or picnicing. There are lots of gazebos and tables to accommodate large groups.

I’ve visited this park a number of times and have always been impressed by its cleanliness. The park is well maintained with a baseball field, plenty of parking, and clean bathrooms.

The park is also a popular spot for Pokemon Go players, as there are plenty of stops and gyms to play in. The park also hosts a fun annual event, the Global Village Festival. This multicultural event features international cuisine, entertainment, a kids village and more.


If you’re looking for a place to spend time with your family, Bill Barber Memorial Park Civic Center Plaza is the perfect location. This large park features 42 acres of lush greenery and has many facilities for children to enjoy.

The park also has several playgrounds for kids of all ages to enjoy. Its playgrounds are equipped with a variety of fun activities, including climbing towers and tunnels.

There are plenty of places to picnic at this large park, with some gazebos and tables available for rent. You can also use the charcoal grill station.

This park is also home to a 9-acre lake. It has two parts: a natural wilderness area on the east side and a traditional area on the west. This allows people to explore on their own, and it gives them a chance to enjoy the view of the surrounding hills and creek. Visit This URL.


This park is a popular choice for families and sports fans alike. It has a variety of activities to enjoy such as soccer, softball, tennis and even cycling trails! The park also has a large playground, several picnic shelters and barbeques.

The restrooms here are well maintained and offer a number of features that include the latest in technology. For example, they have a touch-free shower. The restrooms are also equipped with soap dispensers and flush valves for added convenience. The restrooms are designed to handle high traffic and frequent use by residents, large-scale events and sports tournaments.


Located across from the Civic Center in Irvine, Bill Barber Memorial Park is one of the city’s larger parks. It’s ideal for sports, picnics and family gatherings.

It has a few playgrounds and great facilities for softball, soccer and baseball. It also has a couple of nice gazebos with tables and a charcoal grill station.

There are plenty of parking lots here, so it’s easy to find a spot. It’s also a popular location for Pokemon GO players, with many stops and gyms.

This park is also the site of the Global Village Festival, a cultural event that celebrates the diversity of the people in the region. It features exhibits from different cultures and samples of food from all over the world. It’s free to attend, so you should check it out if you’re in the area! It takes place every September. Visit the website to learn more about it. The Global Village Festival is one of the best things to do in Irvine and a must-see for visitors to the city. More.

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