Estancia Park Adams Ave Costa Mesa United States

Located in the Mesa Verde neighborhood of Costa Mesa United States, Estancia Park Adams Ave is a small community that features a historical adobe house. Originally built in 1820, it’s now home to the Costa Mesa Historical Society.

The adobe is surrounded by a modest recreation area with green spaces, picnic shelters and tables. Its location is close to the Santa Ana River. Read This.

Diego Sepulveda Adobe

One of Costa Mesa’s most historic sites, Diego Sepulveda Adobe is a repository for Early California artifacts and tales. It’s a place to learn about the area’s early Native American and Spanish heritage.

The first adobe bricks were laid here in 1820, when California was still Spanish. It was used as a waystation for cattle herders traveling between the nearby missions.

Today, this historic building is a museum operated by the Costa Mesa Historical Society. It opens to the public on the first and third Saturday of each month from noon to 4 p.m.

The Diego Sepulveda Adobe is the second oldest building in Orange County and a California Historic Landmark number 227. It’s located on a bluff overlooking the Santa Ana River bed in Estancia Park. The Segerstrom family donated the adobe and 5-acre site to the city of Costa Mesa in 1963.

Estancia Park History

In the late Pleistocene era, the area around Estancia Valley was covered by Lake Estancia. It was one of several pluvial lakes in the region and had an excellent paleoclimatic record.

During the time that Lake Estancia existed, it fluctuated between freshwater and saltier stages, and was fed by creeks and groundwater from the Manzano Mountains. The Lake was a key contributor to the formation of various coastal landforms in the area.

Today, the Town of Estancia remains an active agricultural community. It’s an hour’s drive from Albuquerque, but it also has a unique small-town feel with a thriving community spirit that makes it a great place to call home.

The town’s rebirth has led to many new initiatives, including the development of a public library and pool. In addition, Old-Timer’s Day is a popular event that includes an all-ages rodeo. Visit This Site.

Estancia Park Activities

Located on Adams Ave, Estancia Park is a great place to take a picnic. It’s a well-kept park on a breezy bluff, and it has plenty of shade trees and picnic tables.

There’s also a historical building in the center of the park, and it teaches visitors about four different eras of Southern California history. It’s a great place for a family vacation or a romantic getaway!

The Estancia Park Activities include horseback riding, kayaking/PackRafting and trekking. They combine adventure with Patagonian gastronomy and offer an unforgettable experience.

They offer a 2-hour horseback ride to Laguna Lita and a lunch at Camp Laguna Lita, which includes a disco meal with drinks included. After lunch, the participants can do a one-hour downhill trek to Laguna Condor and kayak/PackRaft from there for 2 hours.

The El Calafate Estancia Cristina is surrounded by a stunning wilderness in Los Glaciers National Park. A short boat ride from El Calafate, it offers a unique Patagonian ranch tour that offers an exclusive selection of active excursions.

Estancia Park Restaurants

Costa Mesa, CA has a variety of restaurants to choose from that serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dishes. Some of the restaurants have been around for years, while others are newer additions to the local food scene.

La Estancia is a unique Mexican restaurant that offers fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine. Owner Claudia Reyes is a true expert in her craft, and she says the food is always cooked fresh when you order it.

ST Patisserie Chocolat is owned by French Master chef Stephane Treand MOF, and is a great choice for a decadent treat. The shop is open to the public and offers a wide selection of handmade chocolates and desserts.

The Diego Sepulveda Adobe is a California Historical Landmark and one of the oldest structures in Orange County. It rests on a bluff overlooking the Santa Ana River bed in Estancia Park. This adobe was built between 1817 and 1823 to house the herdsmen who tended their cattle from Mission San Juan Capistrano to Alta in the south. Read Much More.

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