Wakeham Park Smalley Rd Costa Mesa CA United States

If you’re looking for a nice place to take your dogs and kids to play, Wakeham Park Smalley Rd is the perfect park for you. It’s a large, tree-bordered neighborhood park with a playground, volleyball and basketball courts.

There are several short walking trails and pretty nature views. It’s also a great place to have a picnic and enjoy the outdoors. Additional info.

1. Dogs are allowed on leash

One of the biggest debates among dog owners is whether dogs should be allowed off leash in public parks. Some say they are dangerous, while others say they can be friendly and a great way to explore nature.

However, if your dog is off leash, they could be hit by a car or chased by wildlife. They can also destroy property and get lost.

2. There is a playground

Wakeham Park Smalley Rd is a great spot for kids to run around and get some exercise. It has a large green space with a small playground, a volleyball net, some gazebos with tables, scattered picnic benches and a basketball court. It’s a nice area to play and is located in a quiet neighborhood. This is a good option for families with young children who want to spend time outdoors without the hassle of traffic noise.

It is also a nice place to bring your dog for a walk, and it’s one of the few parks in Costa Mesa that allow dogs on leash. The park also has a few other amenities, including a sand volleyball court, a basketball court and a huge grassy field. Visit This Link.

3. There is a picnic area

A very large park with a playground, volleyball court, basketball court and grassy field. This is a great place to go for a picnic or to have a party with friends and family. The park is very well-maintained and clean. There are gazebos and picnic tables scattered around the area. The park is also a great place for dogs and pets to run and get out the extra energy that they have. The park is surrounded by homes and apartments but it is still very peaceful.

Wakeham Park Smalley Rd Costa Mesa CA United States is a nice park that is perfect for families and people who like to have a nice time outdoors. It is a very well-maintained park and it is easy to get to.

4. There is a basketball court

Costa Mesa is known for many of its tourist attractions, but it also has a great selection of parks where you can get away from it all. Wakeham Park Smalley Rd is a park with plenty of green space, a playground and a basketball court. It’s a perfect spot to go for a walk or to play with your kids. You can easily walk or bike to this park from various neighborhoods. The park has a lot of short, easy dirt walking trails and pretty nature views. It also has a large pond and is close to Costa Mesa’s downtown area. You can also enjoy a picnic at this park. Moreover, it has good parking. There are a lot of things to do in this park, so you should definitely visit it! Check this out!

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