The Benefits of a Commercial Window Washing Company

The windows of your commercial building are a reflection of the inside, which is why it’s important to keep them clean and sparkling. It can make your business more attractive and increase the number of people that pass by.

However, window cleaning can be a difficult task that requires specialized equipment and training. This is why many janitorial companies choose to outsource this service. Learn more.

Professional Equipment

Professional window washing companies use a variety of tools and equipment to clean windows and screens. These tools include squeegees, water-fed poles, distilled water, green cleaning solutions and more.

Using these tools ensures that the windows are free of debris and streaks. It also helps the company reach difficult-to-reach areas.

For higher windows, a commercial window washing company may need a ladder or extendable pole. They can also use a water-fed pole, which is a long extension pole that dispenses water that has been filtered through a reverse osmosis system.

Aside from these standard commercial window cleaning supplies, many professionals also carry squeegee holsters that make it easier to keep a squeegee in hand when working. These sleeves are made of synthetic materials that can absorb six times their weight in water. They can be paired with ErgoTec T-Bars and other tools to achieve better scrubbing results.


A commercial window washing company takes a number of safety measures to ensure they can perform their job safely. This includes ensuring all staff have the right PPE and are fully trained in their use.

Ladders and scaffolding can also be used to allow staff to work at higher levels. However, these are not without risk and the safety of staff members must be a priority.

The most common accidents that happen when window cleaning include falling, slipping, and being hit by equipment or other objects. All of these accidents can be avoided with proper training, equipment inspection, and a clear work plan.

High-rise window washing is a difficult and dangerous job, but it is usually very safe when employees are properly trained in the use of their equipment. In fact, deaths are rare in the industry. This is because workers are very serious about their personal safety and ensuring they stay safe at all times.

Reduced Costs

A commercial window washing company can be a lucrative business. It’s an excellent way to earn recurring revenue, and it can also be a profitable venture for building service contractors who aren’t interested in doing exterior window cleaning on their own.

The costs associated with a commercial window washing company are generally lower than residential cleaning jobs. Typically, you can expect to charge $40 to $75 per hour, depending on the size and type of windows you clean.

When determining your price list, take into account the number of windows and their size, along with how often they need to be cleaned. Some buildings require more frequent cleaning than others, such as hospitals and schools.

You should also consider the height of the building and the number of floors. Tall, multi-story buildings require more professional equipment and specialized skills to clean exterior windows safely.


Longevity is the ability to live a long and healthy life. This is largely determined by genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle choices like diet and exercise.

A commercial window washing company can make longevity a top priority by taking advantage of the best equipment and methods available to ensure they’re providing the most quality services possible. The best window cleaners are the ones who not only provide a great product at a reasonable price, but also demonstrate a dedication to their customers’ satisfaction.

One of the most impressive longevity measures is a well-designed website that keeps users updated with relevant information about their window cleaning services. In addition, a website that offers a secure payment platform makes customer satisfaction a breeze. Lastly, you can also count on a solid referral program. The more satisfied your clients are with your services, the more likely they will refer you to friends and family. The most effective way to achieve this is to create a free and easy to use website that will let you track the progress of every new job, no matter how large or small. See More Info.