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Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window CleaningLegends Window Cleaning offers Commercial window cleaning services & residential services under one roof. We have a broad team of members who work to keep all the dust and debris away from your property. We have a professional commercial window cleaning expert who ensures that the outside surfaces are clean.

We go above and beyond to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our team and clients. We test all the cleaning products & window cleaning machines which help to filter out the minerals & micro minerals from the windows. We consistently help to train window cleaners to stay aware of their surroundings by giving them the best safety practice. Every member of our team is OSHA compliant.

The commercial window cleaning services we include are below:

  • High-rise window cleaning
  • Window washing service
  • Post-construction window cleaning service
  • Line removal
  • Awning cleaning

Let’s make a call to our expert for specialized service

Welcome to Legends Window Cleaning! We have been established in this industry over the years and achieved a huge appreciation. For more than 8 to 10 years, we have served our clients with these services. The whole team of our company is bonded and insured professionals. The window cleaners are dedicated to providing efficient & detailed oriented service that guarantees to make the windows of your home & office sparkle. To get any service from us, let’s make a call to our team. Here is what we are expertise in:

  • Interior Window Cleaning

In our interior window cleaning service, we clean the inside using the 3-step process. We use a 3-step process that includes scrubbing using a low-allergen soap & squeegee using scratch-reducing silicon and the edges of the glass. We clean the interior of the window by using lint-free clothes.

  • Exterior Cleaning

Each window’s exterior part is cleaned using the 5-stage de-ionized cleaning system. At the end of the exterior window cleaning service, we use a spot-free rinse for each window. By following this procedure, we ensure that we don’t leave a residue that would attract the dust & give more longevity.

  • Screen Cleaning

To clean your home screens, we remove them and then brush them with detergent. Don’t over-clean screens because they can wear the mesh over time.

  • Track Cleaning

Our final procedure includes a thorough wipe down to the window sills that is done by using a clean microfiber cloth. By doing so, you can compliment your freshly cleaned and sparkling window glass.

Do you want to grab all the above-discussed services at one time? We are intensely focused on the satisfaction of our customers. We continuously run programs for our employees to inspect who can offer better satisfaction to the customer. We have over 10,000 clients serviced in the last years, and looking to develop many more! So, are you excited to be part of us? If you are, connect with us today through mail or call. Make a call and get your free estimate today.