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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Have you ever believed how fast dirt & grime can accumulate on the solar system? The elements like bird droppings, dust, leaves, and branches can make your solar system look worse. It can make your solar system inefficient & cost you high money to repair! The unclean solar panels can lead to 20% power loss or even more! Regular cleaning and maintenance of solar panels are required to overcome all these things.

We are proud to become the best solar panel cleaning & maintenance company in California. Legends Window Cleaning brings the best cleaning & maintenance service operating across all other nearby locations. We are specialized in cleaning-related services, for example, residential window cleaning, pressure cleaning, gutter cleaning & solar panel cleaning and many more! We have built a strong reputation all across the globe through our high-quality cleaning techniques and knowledge.

Regular solar cleaning helps you maintain a well-functioning solar system. Do you want to get the maximum power output from your solar system? If you want to save a bunch from your pockets, then hiring a regular solar cleaning plan can help you! You can hire us or talk with us to get more ideas about our plans.

We, the team of Legends Window Cleaning, help you to save your power bills & cost of solar panel cleaning. Apart from these, we also provide commercial and residential cleaning services under one roof! With us, you can protect your investment in solar cleaning & offer high-quality products specifically designed for safety. We offer eco-friendly cleaning techniques where we don’t use any corrosive chemicals.

What do we provide under this service?

We, the Legends Window Cleaning team, use 3 stages filtered pure water solution. The team uses high-quality cleaning equipment, including brushes for washing solar panels. We have high-quality equipment based on particular needs. Our company also offers solar array health solution, which includes the below services:

  • Professional solar panel cleaning
  • Inspection of the integrity of the solar system
  • Repair the damage that occurs from bird
  • Recover the roof fixing
  • Inspect the signs of damage occurred by squirrels & birds.
  • Checkout the inverter for error codes
  • Inspection of the framework of solar panel
  • Recover the signs of damage, corrosion & warping

Apart from all these services, we also offer panel cleaning, check the efficiency, perform panel inspection and protect all the barriers that come across our work. For panel cleaning, we only use the highest quality reverse osmosis deionized water that offers eco-friendly superior cleaning power solutions. So, from now, we are all set to help you to recover from all the solar panel cleaning tasks.

For regular cleaning and maintenance, our regular monitoring of solar panels is done by our team. Regular inspection helps to ensure that the solar power panel produces top-capacity power solutions. No matter what your solar panel issues are, we can catch them and help to get over them! So, what are you waiting for? Make a call to us or mail us!