Getting the windows cleaned on high-rise buildings can be challenging. Depending on the unique nature of your building, you might need to enlist a window cleaning specialist who has experience working in these buildings.

A reputable company should be able to provide the proper equipment and safety measures for high-rise window cleaning. They should also ensure that their team is trained and certified for this procedure. Check this out for more details.

Safety equipment

High rise window cleaning specialists know that they can’t perform the job safely without proper safety equipment. They are trained to use a variety of climbing and harnessing equipment.

These tools include ladder mitts that keep the cleaner’s hands safe from the building’s exterior. They also help prevent the cleaner’s ladder from slipping, a common problem that can lead to injury.

Several other pieces of safety equipment are also used by window cleaners. They include spare blades for the scraper and squeegee.

They also have a tool belt so they can carry their squeegee and other tools. They also have a movable platform that gives them a stable place to stand while they clean high-floor windows.

When working on a platform, the cleaner is tied to the platform with a safety harness that keeps them suspended in the air if the platform collapses. This is important because work at heights is inherently dangerous. Fortunately, the risk of fatalities has declined over time as work safety procedures have become more advanced.

Cradle system

The cradle system is used by High Rise window cleaning specialists for reaching windows that are too high for ladders or extension poles. It is less obstructive than stage scaffolding and usually not visible to the building’s occupants.

It is also considered one of the safest pieces of equipment for high-rise window cleaning. The operator wears a full body harness and is attached to a security line, which helps to keep them safe from falling during the process.

These platforms are fitted with a range of specialist pulleys and high tensile steel cables that hang over the sides from the top of the building. This allows the operatives to lower the cradle they stand on to reach and clean every window and cladding facade on the building safely and effectively.

There are two types of cradle systems – Temporary Suspended Platform systems (TSP) and Building Maintenance Unit systems (BMU). The former is temporary rental machines that can be brought to a construction site and taken away after the work is done, while the latter is permanent installed and permanently connected to the roof of the building.

Mounted platform

High Rise window cleaning specialists use a mounted platform to access building facades that are otherwise difficult to reach. This type of equipment is typically operated as a compact piece of machinery or on a specialist vehicle and can be adjusted to suit the specific building layout.

This platform allows window cleaners to stand securely and work in a safe environment while working on the exterior of a tall structure. Alternatively, they can also use this platform to access corners that are hard to reach with traditional ladders.

Another option for window cleaning specialists is a bosun’s chair, which is a mechanical platform that is suspended from a pulley system. It allows window cleaners to access areas that are otherwise difficult to reach, and it can suspend buckets for window cleaning.

In addition to these tools, High Rise window cleaning specialists also use squeegees and rags to clean windows. These tools are used to remove stuck-on dirt and other debris from the glass.

Bosun’s chair

The Bosun’s chair is one of the most vital pieces of equipment used by High Rise window cleaning specialists. It’s essential for enabling window cleaners to reach windows that can be hard to get to using ladders or extension poles.

It takes its name from seafaring, where it’s typically used to haul a crew member aloft on a ship’s mast or rigging. The most basic types of bosun’s chairs consist of little more than a plank and a suitable set of ropes, usually with a separate harness for added safety.

However, more modern versions of the bosun’s chair include a seatboard with more straps to prevent the user from falling out, or a rigid or semi-rigid seat for extra comfort and control.

It is considered the safest form of suspended access, and is often used by High Rise window cleaning specialists to clean windows in buildings that cannot be reached by ladders or extension poles. It also allows for a longer period of dedicated window cleaning, which is useful for ensuring that all of the building’s glass windows are crystal clear. Check out this webpage.