How to Make Your Own Professional Window Cleaning Solution

Professional window cleaning solution

The secret to a streak-free clean windows is a good mix of tools. The best combination of tools for interior windows is a squeegee and scrubber; a water-fed pole works great for exterior windows. Get More Info.

Professional window cleaners use a mixture of distilled or filtered water and dish soap. They might also add in ammonia, a surfactant, or a wetting agent to make their homemade solution more effective.

A micro-fiber cloth – It’s important to have a dry micro-fibre cloth on hand so that you can wipe the edges of your window. This will prevent water marks where you might miss your blade and make it smudge the glass.

Scrim – The professional scrim is a very important tool to have in your window washing arsenal! They come in different sizes and are used to wipe the edges of your window and help take away any material that the scraper might have missed.

Squeegee – The professionals use an “s” shape with their squeegee and you should do the same to get a streak-free clean. It’s also useful to use when you’re wiping out any smudges or marks that the scraper may have left behind.

Microfiber towel – This is also very useful for wiping the edges of your windows. It can help you remove water marks where you might have missed your squeegee or the scraper might have missed them.

You can also use newspaper to wipe down your windows and get rid of any loose dirt. Just be sure to flip it over afterward. Read This Article.